The current version of Twig Anything is 1.6.5

v1.6.5 2017-12-05
 Update CodeMirror library to v. 5.32.0 (the existing bundle stopped working for the latest Google Chrome browser version)
 Wrap CodeMirror library to prevent conflicts with CodeMirror instances loaded by other WordPress plugins or themes
 Toggle CodeMirror full screen mode by Ctrl-Enter rather than F11 (F11 has a different purpose in MacOs)
 Use Clipboard.js library instead of unsupported and outdated ZeroClipboard

v1.6.3 2016-03-13
 Add GET/POST selector to the URL Data Source
 Update React.js library to v. 0.14.7

v1.6.2 2016-01-23
 Make get_post_meta() and get_current_post_meta() functions available in Twig Templates (example use-case)

v1.6.1 2015-08-14
 Add {{request('var-name')}} function to Twig templates
 Add “Empty” data source that would not fetch anything and always return empty data; useful for template inheritance and use by other templates.

v1.6 2015-08-03
 Make WordPress globals available in Twig Templates through {{ wp_globals }}
Note. From now on, accessing wpdb is only possible as {{ wp_globals.wpdb }}
 Make WordPress conditionals available in Twig Templates
 Make wp_get_current_user() and get_current_user_meta() functions available
in Twig Templates
 Make URL Data Source accept Twig syntax in URLs, just like Twig Templates do

v1.5 2015-08-02
 Add |json and |json_pretty_print filters
 More extensibility points for add-on developers:
– Ability to load React.js library as a dependent script
– Control removal of line breaks from templates
– Override Twig configuration on template rendering

v1.4 2015-07-30
 Widgets support: add a custom widget named “Twig Template”

v1.3 2015-07-27
 Extensibility points for custom formats and data sources
 Update for php 5.3 compatibility (no warranties!)

v1.2 2015-07-26
 Improve the caching engine so that expired cached values can still be used as a fallback
Add an option to configure how data errors are handled:
. . . . Use cache or display nothing
. . . . Use cache or display error
. . . . Always display error
. . . . Note. In the preview mode, errors are always displayed.
Make the preview mode more intelligent

v1.1 2015-07-12
Visual Composer support (demo)

v1.0 2015-07-01
Initial release