Integrate Discourse and WordPress

Everything you can see in forums powered by Discourse is accessible via JSON-api. This means you can easily retrieve any data from your discussion board and display it in WordPress.

See examples below and read a detailed step-by-step tutorial on embedding Discourse into WordPress.

The examples fetch data directly from Discourse Meta, a Discourse community.

Top 5 topics (month)

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Top 5 most liked (week)

♥255 sam  Sam Saffron
♥236 codinghorror  Jeff Atwood
♥231 pfaffman  Jay Pfaffman
♥116 itsbhanusharma  Bhanu Sharma
♥116 awesomerobot  Kris

Howto topics discussed now

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•  Discourse API Documentation
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Love the examples? Download the plugin now or see a detailed Discourse integration tutorial.