The current version of Twig Anything is 1.6.3

v1.6.3 2016-03-13
 Add GET/POST selector to the URL Data Source
 Update React.js library to v. 0.14.7

v1.6.2 2016-01-23
 Make get_post_meta() and get_current_post_meta() functions available in Twig Templates (example use-case)

v1.6.1 2015-08-14
 Add {{request('var-name')}} function to Twig templates
 Add “Empty” data source that would not fetch anything and always return empty data; useful for template inheritance and use by other templates.

v1.6 2015-08-03
 Make WordPress globals available in Twig Templates through {{ wp_globals }}
Note. From now on, accessing wpdb is only possible as {{ wp_globals.wpdb }}
 Make WordPress conditionals available in Twig Templates
 Make wp_get_current_user() and get_current_user_meta() functions available
in Twig Templates
 Make URL Data Source accept Twig syntax in URLs, just like Twig Templates do

v1.5 2015-08-02
 Add |json and |json_pretty_print filters
 More extensibility points for add-on developers:
– Ability to load React.js library as a dependent script
– Control removal of line breaks from templates
– Override Twig configuration on template rendering

v1.4 2015-07-30
 Widgets support: add a custom widget named “Twig Template”

v1.3 2015-07-27
 Extensibility points for custom formats and data sources
 Update for php 5.3 compatibility (no warranties!)

v1.2 2015-07-26
 Improve the caching engine so that expired cached values can still be used as a fallback
Add an option to configure how data errors are handled:
. . . . Use cache or display nothing
. . . . Use cache or display error
. . . . Always display error
. . . . Note. In the preview mode, errors are always displayed.
Make the preview mode more intelligent

v1.1 2015-07-12
Visual Composer support (demo)

v1.0 2015-07-01
Initial release